Headphone Adapters

Coming Soon!!


La Dolce Head Phone Adapter

What is a headphone adapter?  It is an impedance matching device that allows you to listen to headphones on the output of your power amplifier.   You can select between 4Ω, 8Ω, and 16Ω to match and find the best impedance your amplifier likes.  It doesn’t matter the impedance of the headphones, your amp will always see the impedance it likes.

Because the impedance of the adapter is more stable than speakers, don’t be surprised if you enjoy new levels of fidelity from you amplifier with this adapter and headphones.  On the back of the Adapter is the speaker binding posts which are to be connected to your amplifiers output.  The most basic model above should be available shortly and deluxe models made from wood with more options will be released in the future.