– 8 watts per channel power output
– Designed for 8 ohm loads
– JJ brand 6CA7 output tubes
– 6N6P Russian driver tube

– Single-ended true pentode topology
– Switchable feedback loop with three settings
– 3 Postion global feedback switch with no feedback, mild, and normal settings.
– 3 large Motor run capacitors in the power supply
– Shottky silicon carbide rectifiers.
– Switchable cathode bypass caps on the power tubes.

This amp we felt would be the best to start with as it will be mid priced, mid range performance, and wattage. It is well balanced over the audio spectrum with a little emphasis in the bass region and highest treble range. It has all the hallmarks of a Pentode amp being very dynamic, with extended highs, and nice bass response. The focus was put on the presence this amp portrays. Pentodes impart a realism not found in many other amplifiers.  With this tube we were able to exploit its liveliness, and at the same time, use its audio frequency bandwidth balance to create an all around nice amplifier.

This amp will not be the most expensive 8 watt tube amp you have ever seen or heard, but its parts quality will focus on the areas where they do the most good. The level this amp is at the diminishing laws of returns set in, so it is hard to beat in its price range.

Some special features, are its switchable feedback loop, it has three settings, no global feedback, mild, normal.  This is so that it can work with practically any speaker and speaker impedance.   It is like having three amps in one, as it sounds different in each setting with different sonic characteristics.  This amp also has the options of switching in or out cathode bypass capacitors on the power tubes.  This increases gain and also alters the sonic character of the amplifier.    It is good to experiment with the feedback switch and use it to exploit the way different recordings sound.  With the option of using either the 6N6P, 6922, 6DJ8, 6N1P, or the 6H30P-DR  driver tubes, along with the various feedback switches this amp has numerous options of sonic characteristics.

The amplifier comes shipped with a pair of JJ 6CA7 power tubes, and a 6N6P driver tube.  Although if you can find a good 6H30P-DR that is our recommended driver with a pair of cryo-treated JJ 6CA7.  The 6CA7 is more than the American equivalent to the EL34, it differs in that it is a beam pentode, altering its sound greatly.  It is more detailed and crisp sounding than the EL34 vacuum tube.

Retail $1999.99

Additional options will be coming soon! One being an integrated amplifier version of this amplifier.